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Course Based Registration (CBR) System

Project Description
Course Based Registration System (CBRSys) makes it easier for teachers to manage recording student's marks. It uses .netTiers generated code and is offered as a stand-alone web application or a DotNetNuke module.

This project's core files consist of the project database and Visual Studio Solution. You can view the project roadmap here.


The original inspiration for this project was the desire to
  1. make it easier for instructors to manage student marks in a web-based medium and
  2. provide students with an online access to those marks as they progress through a particular course.

As an instructor myself, I wanted this system to work for all my students in all of my courses. I wanted it to be able to "subdivide" the overall course marks into specific evaluation components (e.g.: "Lab 1", "Quiz 1", "Midterm", etc.). Furthermore, it needed to support grouping those components into different component types, such as "Labs" or "Exams". This last part was important because of how a passing grade is required for the Lab and the Exam portion in order to pass the course as a whole.

From there, I allowed a little bit of "scope creep" to support multiple instructors and to distinguish different offerings of courses and the organization of students into "sections" for each offering. Basically, I wanted it to somewhat model the way my educational institution worked (as best as I understood it, anyway).

My initial database design was made somewhere around 2005 to 2007, but in late 2008 and early 2009, I refined my database design with an intent to finally get this thing built! I made the database in MS SQL Server and used CodeSmith to make the stored procedures. All in all, I was pretty satisfied with my work :D.

It so happened that since I was teaching an introductory Client-Server course (January 2009) and my colleague was wanting a new database to use for our students, I decided to share my work for use in our course. With the end of this January term, I've decided to open this up to the world and to use this as a basis for learning more about
  • how to build an app based on .netTiers,
  • how to migrate/develop a medium-scaled web app to DotNetNuke, and
  • how to publish and manage an open-source project on CodePlex.

And that is how I've gotten to this, the starting point of the CBRSys Project on CodePlex. Whew!

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